English teacher (Italy)

Job description

As a leading recruitment agency operating in Italy, Evocation EFL works with many different schools in all parts of Italy. They are private language schools in attractive locations, often offering career progression opportunities, as well as assistance with accommodation.

 If you are qualified and ready to interview, apply now for the best opportunities. We'll match you up with a school that will suit your interests and preferences. 

Most of these positions offer a combination of different kinds of learner (adult, corporate, younger). You can normally expect around 25 hours a week contact time, on a flexible timetable which may sometimes include the evenings and weekends, as well as the school's external clients in companies and local state schools.  We fill vacancies from the north, to central Italy, all the way to the south and the islands. Generally, we cover small and large towns rather than the cities, but try us for everything. With a British or Irish passport, you may qualify for a UK contract working through us.


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Salary and Benefits

You can expect a net salary of around 1200-1300 euros monthly. If accommodation is included, this figure will be less. Some schools offer termination bonuses, Christmas bonuses, and other benefits. This depends on the school and on what you can offer. Some schools offer additional benefits. We will provide details to suitable applicants.


  • Your spoken English must be of native standard 
  • You need to hold a CELTA or Trinity TESOL or equivalent 
  • Degree - BA or above 
  • At least 6 months EFL teaching experience (we would prefer 2 years plus)
  • Cambridge exam preparation experience is a plus 
  • Driving licence is a plus 

Please note you must be already eligible to work in the EU.