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Evocation EFL focuses on EFL at home and overseas. We work with a partner company to bring teachers and engineers to Saudi Arabia, and with another partner company in the healthcare sector.

In 2014 we opened up in Dublin and are bringing the Evocation brand of service to teachers and schools in Ireland. In the same year we began developing the market in Italy and other parts of Europe by offering high quality UK teachers to schools across the country.

2018 has seen further growth and expansion as Evocation placed teachers all over the country, and we expect the same next year as we gear up for the busy summer season once again.

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"Over the eight years I have been doing business with you, your service has been extraordinarily good. Your scheduled cover teachers are reliable and professional, and your efforts to help in emergencies are exceptional. Thank you so much for everything."

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Andy Daventry
Academic Director, British Study Centres School of English

" I was extremely pleased with my experience of dealing with Evocation EFL. The company provided me with full and accurate information about my placement and were always professional and reliable. They were also extremely helpful on all aspects of preparing for my journey to Russia, and were very approachable. I would recommend this company to any teacher looking for a reliable and friendly service and I hope to work with Evocation again in the future."

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Grace C.
EFL Teacher

"I have only positive experiences to report regarding my time with Evocation. I was given a placement I was very happy with, was given full and accurate information, and was paid soon after completion. The staff are professional, courteous and approachable, and business is conducted straightforwardly and transparently."

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Tom A.
EFL Teacher

" Our school has worked closely with Evocation for many years now and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We had a record summer this year and with more classes comes more teachers. Evocation provided us with no less than 12 teachers to work at our school for 8 weeks – we wouldn’t have survived without them!! You’ll always get a friendly and professional response when you call them (whatever time of day!) and they make every effort to match their teachers to our specifications. "

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Mary Pettit
Former Academic Manager, Frances King School of English